After we receive the signed program (faq), we will prepare an invoice and send you an individual payment link by e-mail. By clicking on this link you can pay the bill by credit card:


We offer you an easy and secure way to pay for goods and services around the world. When you pay, the information is transmitted in encrypted form via TLS and stored only on a dedicated server of the payment system. Thus, our company does not have access to your payment data.


Step 1

When you select the payment by credit card, you will be redirected to a page where you will see information about the order, as well as fields for filling in the card data. Enter the card number (16 digits without spaces), expiration date (month and year), name and surname of the cardholder in Latin (as indicated on the card):


Enter your card verification number (CVV for VISA OR CVC for MasterCard or Batch code for American Express): the card Verification number is the three digits on the back of the card (for VISA and MasterCard cards) and the 4 digits on the front of the card (for American Express cards):

Attention! To make a payment, you will need to specify your Bank card details (PIN CODE is not required) – all the necessary data is available on the card itself. The transmission of this information is carried out in compliance with all necessary security measures. The data will be communicated only to the Bank’s authorization server via a secure channel (SSL Protocol).

Step 2

Check the entered data and click “Pay by card”:

Step 3 

If the data is correct, in most cases you will be redirected to the website of the issuing Bank (the Bank that issued the card) to confirm the payment. You will need to enter a one-time payment confirmation code (I.e. your card must support 3DSecure technology — payment confirmation system). Example of the page to enter the code:

Payment will be made within a few seconds.

Note: if you pay from a foreign currency account, you will be converted into rubles at the issuing Bank’s exchange rate at the time of payment.

If you have any questions related to the payment, please contact by:


phone: +7 495 983 32 79