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Nita Dinar Kece

Behind your beautiful picture there is photographer who suffered taking picture of you. Thank you so much for your hospitality my bro (Aleksei and Dima)

Maedeh Farhoush

Thank you @auroraxplore
for every moment of this amazing trip.

Observing northern light always was my dream. Tuesday night was best moment of
my life and every thing which happened was unexpected. you are the best leader.

I hope soon we meet in iran and I will show you my country beauties.

Kanokporn Thongcharoen

We want to say the big thanks for you, Alex @auroraxplore ! You are the best private guide ever!!
Thank you for took care us through out the trip. You made us the memorable trip.
Now, our dream come true We won’t say goodbye but let’s say ‘SEE YOU AGAIN’.